Blackburn Cathedral collaborate with Brindle Distillery to create new gin brand

Cathedra Brindle Distillery FDMB North West

Blackburn Cathedral have worked with Brindle Distillery and launched their own brand of gin.

In what is been seen by many as a modern take on the medieval tradition of church institutions producing alcoholic drinks, its Dean the Very Rev Peter Howell-Jones hopes the initiative will generate cash for the cathedrals redevelopment.

The Dean has christened the gin ‘Cathedra’, which refers to the seat of the Bishop found in every English Cathedral.

He later said “This is not a novelty, this is a cathedral doing business.

“Blackburn is not a tourism centre. It is not a rich part of the world, and we need to reach out to markets beyond our town and region to be sustainable long-term.

“Gin is on trend and there is a long history of monastic communities brewing mead, wines and beers.

“I wanted to create a brand that would work across the country and create an income stream from which all English cathedrals can benefit.”

Mark Long, a Director of Brindle Distillery, commented: “Being brought up in Blackburn, the Cathedral is close to my heart.”

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