Booths take steps to dramatically reduce use of plastics

North West food and drink retailer Booths is taking a range of practical steps to dramatically reduce the amount of plastic used in the business.

Chris Stoves, Health Safety and Environment Manager said “The reduction of plastics is a priority for all our teams, informing buying and packaging choices at all levels of the business.  Reducing plastics in Booths isn’t a one off initiative; it’s a continuous range of changes we’re making to help reduce the reliance on plastic.”

“The redesign of our Carnforth store focusses on market style shopping which reduces the amount of pre-packed fruit and vegetables and increases the range of loose produce available. We have also introduced compostable loose produce bags, alongside reusable cotton bags, which we feel will help to dramatically reduce the amount of plastic in our stores.

Recent initiatives include:

Free hot drinks are only available to cardholders bringing  a reusable cup

Recycling collection points in store for Booths disposable coffee cups

Improved design of disposable cups, making them easier to recycle

Coffee grounds are collected and turned into eco heat coffee logs, which will be available to purchase at Booths this autumn

The phasing out and removal of single use plastic bags in all stores

Introduction of new “bag for life” made from 90% recycled plastic

Phasing out loose produce bags, to be replaced with compostable loose produce bags

Reusable cotton net bag for loose produce

Reducing the thickness of the film gauge in packaging, greatly reducing the amount of plastic used

Phasing out plastic straws with a view to introducing paper straws from September

“Booths are really proud of the progress we’ve made to reduce the use of plastic in our business, but this is a long term initiative to make informed decisions and work with our suppliers to ensure we’re making the most sustainable choices for the environment, and our customers.”