Candy’s Cupcakes online deliveries keep everyone smiling

Even social distancing can’t stop UK-based customers from getting their hands on a cheery treat from growing Manchester business Candy’s Cupcakes.

Candy’s Cupcakes online store means anyone who wants a cupcake to lift their mood can get it delivered straight to their door.

Under the current lockdown, business owner Candice Bannister needed to close her Stalybridge studio. Soon, however, it became clear her online store was getting lots of visits creating an unexpected demand for deliveries.

Customers flocked to the online shop as it offers UK households the chance to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries in style, even under lockdown. Or simply the opportunity to send a mouth-watering gift to cheer up friends and family they can’t visit.

The business’ online range includes personalised cupcakes, treat boxes, cake-in-a-jar and cake-in-a-box which is specially designed to fit through a standard letterbox.

Business customers can order custom branded cupcakes for corporate use or perhaps to treat hard-working remote teams.

As important, is the company’s commitment to sustainability. Even if the contents may cause a little personal guilt, customers are assured that every part of the packaging is fully recyclable, including the Clingfilm.

Commenting Candice Bannister said: “It’s lovely that even under the current difficult circumstances, people are finding comfort in a cupcake!

“Our online store has given my customers the chance to enjoy a delicious, cupcake or cake delivered directly to their door. I hope it makes them smile.”

Candice Bannister launched Candy’s Cupcakes from her Tameside HQ in 2015. Since then, they have gone on to develop a mouth-watering range of delicious confections appreciated by an ever-growing customer base.

Big name clients who have enjoyed Candice’s imaginative cupcake creations have included Black Eyed Peas/The Voice judge, LADBible and the Blue Peter Team.

Manchester-based digital specialists Mechanised developed Candy’s Cupcakes online store. Candice credits the Mechanised team for the store’s visibility and for the quality of the online client experience they created.