Chester Food and Drink Festival announces major sponsor

The Chester Food and Drink Festival, which will be celebrating its 19th year in 2019, has confirmed a major new sponsor and with it a new name. Taste Cheshire has agreed to sponsor the event and it will be known now as the Taste Cheshire Food and Drink Festival, Chester.

A delighted Taste Cheshire General Manager Briony Wilson said “We have always worked closely with the festival and particularly with the Taste Cheshire Awards for the Food and Drink industry that follow closely on the heels of the event, so when the opportunity to be involved at this level presented itself we jumped at it.

“Taste Cheshire is already the definitive guide to food and drink in Cheshire and it made perfect sense for us to increase our events from the farmers markets and Food Fiestas that we put on to a direct involvement with the UK’s biggest Easter event of its type.

“It signals our ambition to stay at the top of the industry and represent our members on a major scale. We will also be announcing very shortly a major tie up with one of our industry partners that will be another huge boost to the event and its many, many visitors. 2019 looks like being a huge year for the Festival and Taste Cheshire”

Festival organiser Stephen Wundke believes this is a major turning point for the event. He said  “One of the most positive values of this sponsorship will be seen in the next couple of weeks when we make a huge announcement that will impact every festival visitor and that deal would not have been possible without Taste Cheshire’s involvement and willingness to work with all of their partners.

“Taste Cheshire also has over 30,000 foodies that they talk to every week, so it made perfect sense to have this special platform dedicated to this festival. It is a win for everyone and the evidence of that will be shown further in the coming weeks”