Choc Amor is a multiple winner at International Chocolate Awards 2018 World Championships

Choc Amor was successful at the weekend in gaining a further two International Chocolate Awards 2018 at the World Finals. The first was for a milk chocolate which got a World Silver for Chilli Cappuccino (pictured above) and a further World Bronze in the dark category for Kalamata Olive Oil.

Judging took place in Florence, Italy and the announcement was live at the historic and beautiful Palazzo Ximènes-Panciatichi on Saturday 17 November.

The Awards were founded in 2012 and are run by a group of independent international partners based in the UK, Italy and the USA, with years of experience tasting and evaluating chocolate and running fine chocolate related events. The rules and judging are overseen by our permanent Grand Jury members, Country Partners and independent experts, who set the rules of the Awards based on ongoing consultation with our entrants.

Competitions are held in a growing number of countries and regions around the world, including Italy, UK, USA, Germany, Scandinavia, Belgium, South America and other locations, with more competitions added each year. Winners of the regional competitions are then judged again for the World Finals which are held in October, these celebrate the best entries of the year. Entry to the World Awards is open for any consumer retail products that meet the quality criteria laid down in the rules and which has won at the local country Awards.

Choc Amor gained four winners at the British Awards which meant that they were allowed to enter these into the World Awards. The judges include a wide range of experts, tasters, pastry chefs, food journalists, bloggers, sommeliers, chefs and our Grand Jury. This year there were over 2,400 entries from around the world and only 250 Gold, Silver and Bronze awards given.

By making consumers more aware of the hard work and craft that goes into the best fine chocolate products, the International Chocolate Awards helps the fine chocolate industry to grow and develop in established regions as well as new markets. By helping to identify the best chocolate made with the best cacao, we hope to help chocolate makers, chocolatiers and cacao farmers continue to succeed at producing the world’s best fine cacao and fine chocolate.

Paul Williams, Director at Choc Amor said “We are absolutely delighted to get not only four awards in the British Championships for our flavoured chocolate but to also win a coveted World Award for two of those products which included a World Silver for Chilli Cappuccino. This now takes our total number of awards won this year to 12 & the overall total to 40 which includes 5 World Award winners.”

“It’s a real honour as we are in a very small minority of British World Winners. The International Chocolate Awards is affirmation that we are producing a quality product and helps establish us as one of Lancashire’s premier award winning chocolatiers.”