Crunch Match! England fans set to score with stress-relieving world cup sweets

New stress-relieving sweets have been launched to help long-suffering England fans cope with the anxiety of following their team at this summer’s World Cup in Russia.

The boiled sweets, created by national confectionery expert Andy Baxendale, are packed with ingredients such as chamomile, herbal extracts and lemon balm which will help to relax the football fans watching Russia 2018.

And the new creations, made at Andy’s sweet factory in Wigan, Lancs, are just like an England World Cup campaign, with the sugar coated pre-match version alongside its bitter /sour tasting counterpart,

Known throughout the industry as The Sweet Consultant, Andy Baxendale has 23 years’ experience in the confectionery business and is a former product development manager for Chewits with a Master’s of Science in Advanced Food Manufacture.

Recently he has been one of the stars of the hit BBC 2 confectionery show The Sweet Makers.

He said: “I’ve been supporting England for a long time and, as all England fans know, games can get very stressful and there is a massive feeling of disappointment when the team under achieves.

“I hope this year might be different but I wanted to make something that would help fans cope by eating them if it is just the same old story and things go wrong.

“Lemon balm extracts have been found to help in reducing stress and anxiety by boosting levels of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid GABA, which acts to calm your central nervous system.

“Chamomile is one of the most ancient medicinal herbs known to mankind and is known to reduce anxiety and bananas are high in potassium, which aids in the regulation of blood pressure.

“The bitter centre of the sweet contains lemons, as Vitamin C helps to regulate cortisol and prevent blood pressure from spiking in response to stressful situations.”

Andy is a respected national consultant in every aspect of confectionery production, with extensive knowledge of regulation and legislation in the industry, advising companies on everything from recipes to staff training and enhanced production techniques.

He is currently working to set up a National Academy of sweets to teach a new generation the art of confectionery production and development.

Anyone wanting to buy the sweets can contact Andy on 07786 624681, email  or through his website