Cumbrian coffee roasters launch online training for customers

Cumbrian specialty coffee roasters, Carvetii, have launched a brand new online training course for barista’s and coffee shop professionals as the industry gets set to reopen its doors in the coming weeks. 

The ‘Basic Barista Training’ course covers everything from steaming milk, espresso recipes and useful tasting tips to crucial health, safety and cleaning measures. 

Designed for Carvetii’s customers around Cumbria as well as further afield, participants will receive a downloadable certificate on completion. And once signed up, a barista can revisit the course content as often as they need. 

The training also features a range of short interactive video clips led by owner, Gareth Kemble. Gareth, who co-founded Carvetii Coffee with partner Angharad Macdonald in 2011, is currently the only accredited Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) trainer in Cumbria. 

He said: “During the lockdown, we’ve not been able to carry out our regular customer training at the roastery, so we wanted to look at new ways to reach out and offer our customers something extra. With the training being online, coffee shop owners who have furloughed staff at home, can encourage them to brush up on their barista skills and maybe even learn something new before they go back to work. 

“This will be the first of our specialist ‘Carvetii Coffee Academy’ training to go online but we’ll continue to add to the site in the coming months to create a hub of all things coffee for our customers – including our fully accredited SCA Foundation Course. We hope our customers will see it as adding value to the service we already provide.” 

Carvetii’s Technical Support has also been back on the road to recommission many of the espresso machines that had to be switched off and left when businesses closed their doors. 

“There may be stale water that needs to be flushed out so, if customers need us to, we’ve been refreshing their machines and checking them over to make sure they’re in the best possible condition,” added Gareth. “They haven’t waited months to welcome customers again to then be hindered by an issue with their equipment. For us, it’s all about making the transition to reopening as easy as we can for our customers.” 

Carvetii wholesale customers can subscribe for 12 months unlimited access to the Carvetii Coffee Academy and all its self-help guides for just £5 per month as part of their contract or can access the Basic Barista Training for a one-off fee of £10 for a single barista. 

Test your coffee knowledge: 

What is the maximum temperature in degrees C you should heat milk to? 

50 | 62 | 70

Should there be lots of bubbles in freshly steamed milk?

Yes | No 

Which of the following three attributes do you need to hit the coffee ‘sweet spot’ – i.e. a perfectly balanced taste? 

Sourness | sweetness | saltiness | acidity | bitterness


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