Cumbria’s Country Puddings ceases trading

Country Puddings, the award-winning Cumbrian luxury pudding company has ceased trading, with the company currently in the process of being wound up.

Founder, Lynne Mallinson, posted the following message on LinkedIn over the weekend.

“Today, the 17th November 2018, we should have been celebrating the 18th birthday of Country Puddings Ltd in style. Instead, we are in the process of winding the company up with the assistance of a very supportive Dodd & Co Chartered Accountants.

“Whilst I can’t say too much due to an ongoing legal situation, I can share with you that no matter how good your products, your service to your wonderful customers, or your financial situation, everything can unravel very rapidly when you have a heavy court case to defend and significant legal bills to pay.

“It’s ironic that the week before we ceased trading we won the Best Rural Food Producer of the North in the Rural Business Awards. But I have absolutely no regrets with my rollercoaster ride of puddings and custard. It has been just that. Lots of highs with some great memories, some lows, and even some Loop the loops when you can feel bit nauseous. Wherever your business journey takes you, hang in there and enjoy the ride. I have. And now it’s time to bring the pudding chapter to a close and look for a new opportunity.”

FDMB North West wishes Lynne and her family all the best for the future, and judging by the level of support and the enthusiasm for her products, we are sure we will be seeing her again sooner rather than later.