Dipple Tipple reveal the taste of summer 2020

A TRIO of exceptionally delicious gin liqueurs by Faith & Sons are said to be defining the taste of Summer 2020.

Micro distiller Filipe Sousa and spirits curator Laura Dipple-Johnstone have joined forces to take Britain’s mostrequested flavours to the next level with a bit of a twist: Passion Fruit, Chocolate and Orange, and Rhubarb and Orange.

Best enjoyed on the rocks or paired with Prosecco for a refreshing, easy-drinking summer cocktail, the gin liqueurs are the latest innovation from Filipe, who has handcrafted delectable spirits for Selfridges and retailed for M&S.

A fusion of two creative minds, I’m delighted to be working with Filipe the ‘Portuguese Willy Wonka’ of the distilling world!” says Laura, who founded Dipple Tipple & Co in July 2018.

With mixology flair, Latin passion and perfectionism, I knew Filipe was exactly the right person to infuse classic gin with the finest, freshest exotic fruits; velvetysmooth pure cacao; and sweet orange to tame rhubarb’s wild nature!

A respected talent spotter, Laura has assembled a community of sellers known as ‘Tipplers’ who represent leading brands such as the Forest Distillery, Riverside Spirits, O’Donnell Moonshine, Big Hill Distillery and The Salford Rum Company.

Since we took on our first distiller in the North West the heartland of the artisanal spirit movementwe have been on a taste journey of adventure and discovery all over the UK,” explains Laura, who is based in Macclesfield.

The nation has gone crazy for gin liqueurs and we are delighted to be leading the way with this five-star-quality range from Faith & Sons. You can recreate cocktail bar favourites at home such as a Passion Fruit Martini for a light and breezy way to relax in the garden at the end of the day.

Having emerged from the creative industries and been a performer herself, Laura has combined her passion for music with an extensive network of contacts to launch the Tippler’s Live Lounge – a virtual bar that hosts live acoustic gigs by talented musicians, with exclusive offers for members.

We’ve read the mood of the times and come together to lift spirits during lockdown – helping people to relax and enjoy the finer things in life,” smiles Laura, who previously ran her own music agency and worked for Jazz FM.

You can meet in our bar, take a front row seat in the comfort of your own home and then enjoy an amazing performance with your tipple of choice. Having flourished in membership to almost 2,000 people, it’s a venture we will eventually take on the road – hosting pop-up bars and acoustic Tippler’s Live Lounges.

Now that she has defined the soundtrack and drinks menu of Summer 2020, Laura says her motivation is to continue to deliver unique experiences that are guaranteed to leave people smiling and happy.

“My passion in life is discovering and promoting talent creating a platform for artistes and artisans to thrive – and I am proud to have merged both interests successfully.

The Faith & Sons liqueur range retails at £25 per 50cl bottle.

For a taste of the individual flavours, visit www.dippletipple.com