edding Tech releases remedial initiative to rent an industrial inkjet printer to support critical supplies and food producers during coronavirus shutdowns

If your food business is currently operating at capacity due to increased consumer and retailer demand, then edding Tech would like to offer their help to you. edding Tech is working closely with its partner Elried to provide one hundred edding in-line 12 printers for rent to anyone across the UK and Europe who need to label products and outer cases with traceability data. As COVID-19 spreads throughout the UK, there is a critical need for household supplies and foods to reach the population.

They have spoken to several food and drink producers in the last 2 weeks who are struggling to scale production quick enough to allow them to meet high demand. edding Tech thought about how to help alleviate this stress – and realised that they can offer printers currently sat in storage to production and packaging teams that need a reliable solution in a very short timeframe. Why commit capex or cashflow to assets which may not be required once this unprecedented demand has dropped?

If you currently use labels or stickers for Use By, Best Before dates, batch numbers and barcode printing; then semi-automating this process will reduce labour usage and increase productivity. The edding In-line 12 printer will assist in achieving these changes. Alternatively if you just need a back-up (spare) printer for your existing coding and marking systems on site, then this is your chance. The printer can be installed on any conveyor line, flowwrapper line or automated production setup – as well as being suitable for more manual hand-fed lines.

The edding Tech rental initiative will only cost £200 per month and is free of any contractual obligations.

No minimum rental period

No upfront fees

No minimum ink consumption

Monthly cancellation option

The edding In-line 12 is easy to install in under 10 minutes, from unboxing to printing! The system requires no servicing or scheduled maintenance at all, and will include an ink cartridge suitable to your specific packaging materials. The entire process will be “contactless” – from initial contact with a Technical representative, to delivery of the printer, and finally self-installing the printer on a production line by an operator. No need for an external engineer to set foot in your factory. Of course edding will be able to support you with any installation questions over the phone if you need assistance.

This service will last for the duration of this difficult time which we’re all dealing with.

If you’re interested and want to learn more, or know of anyone who can benefit from this initiative, then please complete the contact form here. Alternatively contact Nick Alterskye from edding Tech UK at nalterskye@edding.co.uk

Hannes Behacker, Managing Director of edding Tech Solutions, said: “The safety and business continuity of our customers will always be our most important priority. As the coronavirus continues to spread, we’re committed to supporting our business customers with easy to use solutions that keep production lines running in industries providing critical supplies, such as food, beverage, cleaning and hygiene.”

Bastian Hofberger, CEO of Elried, said: “Even in a crisis, companies cannot ship food products without an expiry date. With the edding in-line 12, our business customers can quickly get operational and meet their labelling and printing needs without requiring a technician to install or maintain the device.” edding Tech’s rental service comes with no minimum commitment or obligation and the option to cancel from one month to the next. The flexible rental service will be offered as long as the difficult situation lasts.

About edding Tech Solutions GmbH:

edding Tech Solutions is on a mission to empower its business customers to do things with ink they didn’t think were possible. The edding in-line 12 and edding portable 12 are the first of many disruptive innovations the company is bringing to market. edding Tech is the technology subsidiary of edding, Germany’s most trusted name in ink.