Ethical Beekeepers pick up award for their high quality honey

There is a hive of activity lately at The Bee Centre, Samlesbury – The ethical Beekeepers have not only managed to pick up the award for best honey and Fudge for 2108 at the North West & Lancs Honey Show, but they are also finalists in the prestigious Marketing Lancashire’s Lancashire Tourism Awards 2018. The Beekeepers, Simon and Katherine Cordingley are finalists in 3 categories, Sustainability, Experience and Inclusive Tourism.

 Simon Cordingley from the Bee Centre said,  ‘the awards are particularly gratifying given that we apply an ethical beekeeping approach; which means that we leave huge amounts of honey for the bees over winter (and throughout the year). Most beekeepers take the honey and feed the bees on sugar over winter. Honey production is therefore low on our priority list. We produce small quantities of very high-quality honey.

“Our honey is so good for two main reasons,” enthused Simon.

  1. We avoid having it contaminated with processed sugars, and
  2. it is produced by our own, locally bred, Lancashire bees which we base on the native black bee. These bees are particularly good at gathering a wide range of nutritionally and medicinally valuable nectars (from which they make the honey).

The Bee Centre, located in the beautiful grounds of Samlesbury Hall, is home to over 80 hives, and an Informative Visitor Centre. The Centre provides valuable insight into the life of the bees. The importance of the animals, and their relationships with humans.

The indoor glass observation hive enables the visitor, rain or shine to watch the workings of a honeybee hive. And if you are feeling extra brave why not take part in one their beekeeping experiences.