Expert Opinion: Getting to Grips With Facebook Advertising  

By Fat Media 

Facebook is undoubtedly an amazing communications channel for food & drink businesses. From raising brand awareness, to launching new products, to conversing directly with your customers, it has a whole range of uses and benefits.  

One of the more difficult things to keep ahead of though, is the advertising opportunities. Facebook is often updating their ad options, and adding to the range available, so it can be hard to know which ad type will be the most effective for your campaign. To help, here are two of the most popular advertising options, and what they are most useful for.  

Link Adverts  

Possibly the most straightforward, these adverts allow you to promote a single URL, with an accompanying headline, image and call-to-action button. Given their specific nature, this is likely to be the ad for you if you have something in particular to promote, such as the introduction of a new flavour or a special offer.  

You’ll need to be succinct with your headline as the character limit is just 25! But, your accompanying text can be up to 125 characters, so you have the opportunity to explain your proposition. It’s important to be clear and as descriptive as the limit allows, so users know what to expect upon clicking through to your site.  

Carousel Adverts  

The Facebook Carousel format gives you the ability to showcase a number of images or videos in one post, with users able to swipe through at their own pace. Each image is also a link – and you can use different links on each one, if you wish.  

So, these ads are perfect for when you have a little more to show. For example, if you wanted to promote all the different flavours in one range, or different recipe ideas.  

The key here is to have a great first photo, to encourage users to swipe through to the next. You could even use the sequence to tell a story or reveal a new product or announcement.  

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