Expert Opinion: How to breath ‘pure air’ into your food and drink business

By Nigel Sanders, Pure Air Group 


A question for you. Well it is a rhetorical one really.

Would you stop someone coming into your shop or restaurant if they had a cold?

The answer as we all know is probably no, but really, it is hardly ideal is it?

When I was first asked by a drink producer recently, “what exactly do you?”, I simply answered that Pure Air Group’s purpose was to provide you with the best quality air inside the spaces you occupy. For food and drink businesses, this clearly means your production and preparation areas. For restaurants and other areas of the hospitality sector, the list is even wider.

Unfortunately, as we make our new buildings more efficient and more insulated we tend to also reduce air quality. This means that viruses such as VOC’s, MRSA, E-Coli, Salmonella, Norovirus and even the common cold can spread more easily. For anyone in the food and drink sector, this can be a highly dangerous situation, with any form of outbreak potentially threatening your business.

So, for an example, imagine a simple, affordable solution that was able to reduce the germs in one of your workers, customers or guests sneezes by up to 98%, before they travel 3 feet. That would be impressive wouldn’t it?

The good news is that the Pure Air Group RemeHalo system does exactly that, and more.

Ideal for larger food production areas and manufacturing lines, the sophisticated, yet easy to install range of plug and play units reduce contaminants at the source. Quite simply, the system is designed to recreate the natural way that the environment removes impurities from the air.

Our system will protect your customers and workers from cross contamination of any viruses they have. Put simply, our solutions are like bringing fresh outdoor air inside without ever having to open your windows.

We expect our ‘this building’s air quality is protected by Pure Air Group’ signs to be a regular sight on building throughout the North West, and we would love to speak with FDMB North West readers and members about how we can help them.

For a conversation about breathing ‘pure air’ into your food, drink or hospitality business, contact Nigel Sanders on 07496 510049