Expert Opinion – PR Matters

By Charlotte Moore – Smoothie PR

PR – those two simple letters can turn unflappable foodies into quivering jellies. 

Let’s face it, ‘living the dream’ of producing your own food or drink product is actually a never-ending list of difficult jobs that need to get done. The glamorous version of you swanning around, making a few pots of jam or bottling some beer might be what people imagineIn reality, you’re doing any combination of making, sourcing, buying, financing, delivering, marketing, social media(ing) and juggling life. 

Every. Single. Day. 

So, when I casually ask producers if they’re doing any PR on top of all that, it’s no wonder they start making excuses to leave! 
It’s never too early or too late to start creating a PR strategy. Continued brand awareness is a crucial element to your long-term growth and lasting success as a business. My goal at Smoothie PR is to demystify the whole dark art of PR by teaching busy food and drink producers like you, the skills needed to tackle your own PR in only 10 mins a day. 

The title of this column is PR Matters. But why does it matter? 
Two words – social proof.

A fancy way of saying that other people think you and your goodies are the best. You can tell everyone until you’re blue in the face just how fabulous your products are, but people will always trust the opinions of complete strangers over yours. You get extra kudos when journos from big names like BBC Good Food, The Independent, Huff Post, Metro and Forbes are the ones name dropping you. My Smoothie Bar members experience these benefits as they’ve been featured in hundreds of publications between them. 

PR also matters because every article back-linking to your website builds your domain authority score. In simple terms, it’s an SEO step that helps increase Google’s trust in your website and, consider you as a useful resource when people search keywords connected to your brand. Every piece of PR can deliver a double win for you. 

PR matters for brands of every size. Your brilliant business can’t afford to lose out. 

Charlotte Moore is Chief Smoothie of The Smoothie Bar, a monthly membership club teaching you how to do your own responsive PR in 10 mins a day from only £59pm