Expert Opinion: R&D Tax Credits – Are you eligible?

By Ilyas Patel,

As a UK-based company, have you incurred development costs?

If so, did you spend it on any of the following:

PAYE Staff?

External contractors on a daily rate?

Subcontractors who took on the project?

Materials used in the R and D activity?

If the answer is yes, then you may be eligible for an R&D Tax Credit!

Recent Case Study

A bakery business was unaware of their eligibility. Our team of Tax Experts had a brief conversation with the company directors and immediately identified areas of their existing business where relevant R&D activities were being carried out. These included improving recipes and cooking methods.

We were able to claim the R&D Tax Credit for the previous two years (even though the company was making a loss on its trading activities). A £52,000 cash refund was received from HMRC for the company within 28 days of our technical report and calculations being submitted.

llyas Patel and his team are specialists in optimising research and development tax credit claims. We have a 100% claim success rate and operate on a success fee basis only.

For a free consultation to determine the size of your claim, please call Ilyas for an assessment or visit our website for an online calculator to show you the size of your R&D claim.

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Ilyas Patel is an entrepreneurial tax advisor with an expert knowledge of ground-breaking tax saving tools. He and his team have helped many businesses in the food and drink sector, and are the R&D Tax Credits Partner for North West Food & Drink Means Business.