Expert Opinion: Twitter Chats

By Charlotte Moore – Smoothie PR

For many of us, social media feels like ‘wasting time’ when you could be doing something much more important in your business. And while it’s true that we often have a love/hate relationship with it, when used with purpose, it can bring great PR rewards for your brand. 
At the recent FDMB Live event I met lots of strangers from the internet. 

Except they didn’t feel like strangers as they were already my friends. While it’s true that I had to swipe a quick look at many badges (as I’m used to seeing brand logos rather than faces on Twitter), we instantly clicked once we matched @handles to faces.  
There were no awkward introductions or silences because we all knew each other thanks to the weekly FDNWHour Twitter chat. We were a community of experts, food producers and customers that were eager to meet each other in person. 
PR is all about spreading brand awareness, and Twitter chats are a brilliant way to do this. There are thousands of online communities who meet up weekly for an hour to share topics such as stories, recipes and new product launches with other interested people.  
There are lots of specialist Twitter chats so here are some examples to get you started. Imagine you have a gluten-free, vegan cake brand based in the North West, you could join: 

Allergy Hour, Veggie Hour, Vegan Hour, Vegan Recipe Hour, Cake Club Hour, Cumbria Hour, Cheshire Hour, UK Start-up Hour, Ladies Coffee Hour, UK Biz Lunch. 
In each one, you’ll expose your brand to lots of potential customers as we all love to eat and drink. But don’t be the eejit who drops a link to your website and then runs off thinking your work is done as you’ll only alienate yourself from the group! 
Instead, choose a couple that you can usually rock up to each week and establish yourself as a regular. People will be naturally curious about your business, you’ll pick up new (good quality) followers and they will be the ones suggesting you as a great cake/sauce/beer producer when others are asking for recommendations.  
PR for your brand can be achieved in so many easy ways just like this!  
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