Expert Opinion: When looking for ways to extend your product’s shelf life – remember it’s all in the mix

By BOC – A member of the Linde Group

When you think about growing your food business, you’d be forgiven for focusing on increasing your production throughput. But have you considered the potential impact of extending your product’s shelf-life?  

With a longer shelf-life you can extend your product range and open up new markets, stabilize your production output and reduce seasonal bottlenecks, deliver your products to locations further away, and reduce spoilage and returns.  

The secret for many businesses is in the packaging – and more importantly, the precision mix of gases needed to modify the atmosphere surrounding your food.  

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) – extend your shelf life by up to 200% 

Getting the right mix of atmospheric gases isn’t as simple as you might think – each gas has its own unique properties that affect how it interacts with different foodstuffs.  

Take oxygen for example. A sealed, oxygen-free atmosphere will limit the growth of microorganisms, however, a harmful bacteria called Clostridium Botulinum grows in an oxygen-free environment, and in certain circumstances can develop on chilled food unless other safeguards are used.  

It’s essential if you’re thinking of using MAP to get expert advice to get your mix right.  

Once you’re armed with the right MAP gas mix, not only will you see a shelf life extension of up to 200% in comparison with packaging in air, you may also be able to reduce your need for added preservatives, and test new products using more delicate ingredients.  

MAPAX® from BOC – tailored MAP solutions for every product 

BOC specialises in food grade gases and works with you to develop the exact MAPAX® solution for your products, including the gas, additional equipment and safety products you need to retain your food’s freshness and meet stringent food safety standards.  

Take a look at the difference MAPAX® could make to your business:  

Comparison of Typical Shelf Life 

Products packed in air vs. MAPAX® modified air packaging 



Packed in air  

MAPAX® solution 


several weeks 

up to one year 


some days 

2 weeks 


3–5 days 

2–3 weeks 

Ready meals 

2–5 days 

7–20 days 

Preserve what’s important to your business 

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