Merseyside entrepreneurs to launch ‘Fizz and Ships’ concept

A new entertainment will be launched this month combining two of Merseyside’s favourite interests: maritime history and drinking, in a fun but responsible way obviously.

Two well-known Liverpool journalists, Jane Clare and Peter Elson, are steaming into port with Fizz and Ships, the city’s first ever ship-themed wine tasting.

Inspired by the city’s once phenomenal seaborne services, the event will be based around the wines found at ports of call or aboard liners during the golden age of sea travel.

The wine tastings will be interspersed with entertaining words and evocative pictures about the ships and the seafarers who made Liverpool’s name world famous.

Fizz and Ships will make its maiden outing on Sunday, 27 May, at the Chancery Bar & Restaurant, with a wine world cruise to give armchair sailors a taste of deep sea travel.

Jane, the wine lady, and Peter, the ship man, bring together their formidable experience of years than they care to remember, to quench Merseysiders’ thirst for learning more about these fascinating subjects.

Peter said: “We’ve accumulated so much knowledge about our interests that it’d be unfair to keep it to ourselves or continue to inflict it on our families.

“Our guests will voyage across a virtual world of the seven seas, enjoying sparkling wines and, hopefully, sparkling anecdotes, by simply raising their glasses. What’s not to like?”

Jane said: “I like to think of our new events as winetertainment – wine tasting can be perceived as geeky and we’re far from that! All our events will begin and end with a glass of fizz and in the middle will be a voyage of discovery both in maritime history and the world of wine.”

Fizz and Ships – The Maiden Voyage, at 3pm, Sunday, 27 May, The Chancery Bar & Restaurant, 98 Paradise St, Liverpool L1 3HE;

£39.95 per head (includes five wines and a food platter).

Ring Jane (aka One Foot in the Grapes) on 0779 5121003 for details on how to book.