Gary Usher breaks crowdfunding records, raising £100k in 11 hours for Manchester restaurant

Gary Usher Kickstarter FDMB North West

Chef Entrepreneur, Gary Usher, launched his most ambitious crowdfunding campaign yet, attempting to raise £100k in 100 hours to open KALA on King Street in Manchester. Breaking not only his own, but Kickstarter’s records, he raised an amazing £100k in 11 hours, making it the fastest funded restaurant project in the world.

Nine months after he raised £50k in 59 minutes for Pinion on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, Gary Usher and his Elite Bistros group of restaurants launched a campaign to raise £100k in 100 hours to open Manchester city-centre restaurant, KALA.

The campaign went as follows: 

£13k, 3 minutes, 91 backers

£30k, 10 minutes, 271 backers

£50k, 30 minutes, 472 backers

£60k, 49 minutes, 602 backers

£75k, 110 minutes, 831 backers

£100k, 665 minutes, 1101 backers

With support from the likes of Tom Kerridge and raising £30k in 10 minutes, £50k in half an hour and with #KALA trending on Twitter, just 11 hours in, 1100 people had backed the project sending the total to £100k. This makes it the fastest restaurant project to reach £100k in Kickstarter’s history.

With three days to go, the current total is topping £105,000.

Gary Usher comments: “I am honestly struggling to get my head around last night. It’s not really about the money, it’s the people believing in what we’re trying to do at Elite Bistros. The support we have is always incredible and not just from those who pledge, but everyone who we work with on a daily basis.

“We only realised a few weeks ago that we were going to need more money to open Kala and yet we have managed to raise this amount in such a short period of time. The sense of community we have at Elite Bistros is really special and something I never take for granted. The money means we can continue with the KALA build, be open by May and we really can’t wait. Manchester, we’ll see you soon.”