Greater Manchester chef launches exciting crowdfunding campaign for new cookbook

On a mission to revive the British public’s love of French home cooked food, renowned Cheshire restaurateur, Olivier Troalen, is launching an exciting £50,000 crowdfunding campaign to create a new cookbook – A Taste of Home – that he hopes will inspire households up and down the country to add French cooking to their weekly menus.

A Taste of Home will celebrate the meals and dishes you would find on the dining room table of a typical French family. Boasting over 70 hand-selected recipes, catering to both meat and plant-based diets, the cookbook draws from French-born Olivier’s four decades of experience in the culinary world, including 20 years at the helm of the highly rated La Boheme restaurant in Lymm.

Aware of his nation’s perceived reputation for producing overly complex recipes, the head chef, who now lives in Altrincham, has designed the book with simplicity in mind, hoping that it will become the ultimate guide to French home-cooking, including professional ‘cheats’ to make the preparation process quicker and easier.

Although the crowdfunding is due to go live on 5th March, the project has already attracted a significant amount of attention, with over 300 people registering their interest before the New Year.

In return for £100 crowdfunding donation, Olivier is offering supporters a range of very special awards, including a signed copy of A Taste of Home; their name displayed in the cookbook; a £50 La Boheme voucher; a branded La Boheme chef’s apron; and a VIP invitation to the book launch in September 2020.

Olivier hopes to replicate the success of his popular debut cookbook, A Taste of France in the North West England, which sold out across the UK in 2012. Speaking of his latest venture, he said: “My mission is to make Brits fall in love with French food again and A Taste of Home captures the essence of this, celebrating authentic home cooking and battling the ‘fancy’ stereotypes French dishes are often associated with.  

“The cookbook is a really special opportunity for everyone involved and I look forward to inviting people to be a part of its journey through the crowdfunding campaign.”

If you would like to be a part of the A Taste of Home journey, please register your interest here.

You can also follow Olivier and the crowdfunding campaign via Instagram (oliviertroalen_laboheme) and Twitter (LaBohemeLymm).