Hawkshead Relish launch ‘Relish Pots’ to help businesses commit to reducing landfill

Hawkshead Relish announced the launch of their new ‘Relish Pots’ at Fine Food North, held at the Yorkshire Event Centre, Harrogate, which was held on Sunday 08th March and Monday 09th March.

The new ‘Relish Pots’ are designed to provide catering and hospitality businesses with reusable on table condiment storage solutions for foodservice products and play a part in helping businesses meet new legislation to combat the proliferation of single-use plastics.

The new rules which come into force shortly bans the use of the most frequently littered plastic products for which alternatives exist. Single-use plastic products are typically intended to be used just once or for a short period of time before they are thrown away, and one of the main purposes of this new legislation is to reduce the amount of plastic waste which we create.

In response to this the team at Relish have worked to reintroduce on table condiment sets, ‘Relish Pots’, which are made of glass, a material that can be recycled in closed loop over and over again if broken. Unlike single use plastics ‘Relish Pots’ are fully reusable, and because the surface is non-porous it doesn’t absorb food and germs and can be safely washed at high temperatures in a dishwasher and can be used again and again.

Introducing reusable products to our customers forms part of the Hawkshead Relish’s ambition to help meet United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12, which is designed to foster eco-friendly production, reduce waste and boost recycling by 2030.

Relish Pot are an eco-conscious alternative to single serve and standard on table plastic containers, not only that their striking design is perfect for those catering and hospitality businesses that want to stand out from the crowd, appeal to ever increasing numbers of environmentally conscious consumers and respond to desire for high quality artisan locally made products.

To further encourage the reduction of on table single use plastics and tidy up tables we have also introduced bespoke Hawkshead Relish condiment holders, which are handily designed to hold either two or four bottles from our range of sauces and ketchups.

Maria Whitehead, co-owner of Hawkshead Relish, commented: ‘’As a company we take our environmental responsibility seriously, over the years we have put a number of measures in place to reduce our overall impact as a business. Relish Pots and condiment holders is just a further demonstration of our commitment of helping to maintain the integrity of the environment on which we all depend. We are constantly striving to reduce the use of single use plastics in our business model here practicably possible and we want to encourage other like-minded business to follow suit.’’ 

For prices, to find out more or to place your order get in touch with the Hawkshead Relish team by calling: 015394 36614 or by emailing info@hawksheadrelish.com