Icertech develop new environmentally friendly range of chilled packaging

Icertech, the Chilled Packaging Partner for FDMB North West and North Wales have launched a new range of products which will allow food and drink producers to send chilled goods via the most sustainable means possible.  

The issues surrounding the impact of packaging (and more specifically single use plastic) on the environment have been more prominent than ever. As a result of this, we have been receiving an increasing number of enquiries for more sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.  

The Icertech Enviro-Range contains a variety of solutions consists of:

  • The Pluumo-Box: a completely biodegradable solution made of surplus feathers 
  • The Eco-Box: a 100% curb side recyclable solution made entirely of paper, and paper only.  
  • The Icer-Pack: a food safe gel pack providing optimal performance  
  • Paper Tape: easily recycled with the rest of the packaging 
  • Shredded Cardboard: an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional void fill materials 

Alex Pawley, Sales and Marketing Director at Icertech said: “Back in 2008, Icertech launched a fully recyclable paper-based solution. The product wasn’t hugely popular as polystyrene alternatives were so much cheaper back then. We’re now confident that our customers will fully support this range of environmentally friendly packaging.

She continued; “We weren’t happy with bringing a solution to market if it wasn’t a cost-effective option for our customers. The more businesses that can afford to make the switch to sustainable solutions, the bigger (and better) the impact on the environment”. 

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