Innovative subscription box business opens in the North West

Box on Welcome mat FDMB North West

A North West catering supplies business are set to launch their new online shop in November.

Market.Be is launching their new subscription based catering Be.Box service in the North West and is embarking on a tour of Britain to showcase the boxes and help sign up street-food traders.

Customers of the service choose contents from a wide range of eco-friendly cutlery, trays, bowls and gloves, check out once and receive their order on the day within as little as an hour. Each following month, they receive a repeat order, delivered to their market with no fuss. What’s more there’s no contract!

Be.Box promotes all participating traders on social media and gives them a space in the upcoming Market.Be directory. Not only that, traders are given functional rewards for doing social good. To start off, each box comes with compostable food waste bags, which the company hopes will help food traders and markets reduce the amount of throwaway waste that could otherwise be used as compost for horticulture traders in the same market. All subscription holders have to do is tag themselves, Market.Be and the recipient in a tweet or Instagram post and they automatically receive more cutlery in their box next time.

The brains behind the operation is Manchester businessman, technologist and serial entrepreneur Ethar Alali, who has worked in innovation for more than 30 years. Teaming up with street-market specialists and traders across the UK, his team created a service they hope will also help solve many of society’s problems while meeting the needs of small, independent retailers.

“We’ve spent a lot of time perfecting the offer. Finding local suppliers who are themselves social enterprises or charities to help in everything from box design to manufacture, and storage to local delivery” explains Ethar.

“Our new Be.Boxes were filled with compostable cutlery and trialled with several traders and markets. This helped traders comply with new rules at several artisan markets and really helped shape the offer, without having to run a separate, dedicated market research activity. That means the money saved is passed on, quickly checked our social aims were achievable and traders receptive to the idea” Says Ethar.

The company looked at several problems faced by Britain’s high streets and communities, including environmental and social problems, unemployment, mental health and homelessness and developed a dynamic business model which addresses many of these issues at the same time. As keen supporters of the #KickThePlastic campaign, Market.Be also searched for eco-friendly suppliers for stock and appoints several social-enterprises. Even their marketing budget was spent helping traders who increasingly found markets wanting only eco-friendly cutlery to be used.

The service has been positively received overall and crucially, offers up a way for the company to achieve its ultimate aim of providing collective value to traders, markets, districts, councils and social causes alike. A holy grail of economic benefit that has struggled to take hold in Britain.

To find out more visit the Market.Be website