Jeffrey’s new hand-crafted cordials and tonic syrups to be stocked in Booths

North West – based Jeffrey’s have announced that they will be part of the Booths supplier family from the end of June 2020.

Jeffrey’s say their handcrafted cordials have a deliciously sophisticated taste, unlike anything you will have tried, and are the perfect thirstquencher.

There are three cordials and a tonic to choose from, all with quite distinctive and well-balanced flavour profiles. Because each is made with a base infusion of cinchona bark (where quinine comes from) they are not sweet.

First up is Oriental Lime, a complex and unusual blend with strong hints of the Far East, using galangal, an Asian ginger, along with orange peel and organic lime juice. Then there’s Yarrow, Rosehip & Elderflower where dried yarrow flowers (a hedgerow herb), rosehips and elderflower come together to create a delicately floral mix. The final recipe, Sicilian Lemon & Warm Spices, is a unique marriage of warm spices including cassia, nutmeg and allspice, with organic Sicilian Lemon juice, to make a delicious summer’s drink with ice, but it has also been described as ‘Christmas in a glass’ when used in a hot gin.

These cordials make water taste like heaven – just top with sparkling or soda water. Because they have quinine from the cinchona bark infusion, they are also a wonderful addition to gin and other spirits.

A New Classic!

There has been a wave of different tonic waters in recent times but nothing quite like the new Classic Premium Tonic Syrup from Jeffrey’s. Add a measure of this Hand-crafted Jeffrey’s to your favourite gin or vodka and top up with soda water or sparkling water for the best drink in town. It is so simple and flavourful and a wonderfully refreshing drink on a warm summer’s evening.

As with all the Jeffrey’s range, it is made from natural ingredients, including cinchona bark, instead of the standard quinine extract, and organic Sicilian lemon juice. This is an extraordinarily lovely tonic, but another key benefit is in its versatility, allowing you to make tonic to your own taste.

FDMB North understands that Booths will stock the range from June 28th onwards.