Lakeland Artisan scoop nine Great Taste Awards

Lakeland Artisan from Staveley Cumbria was awarded 9 Great Taste Awards in total, the highest of all producers in Cumbria, with three 2-star and six 1-star Great Taste awards.

The 2-star awards, “Above and beyond delicious” which less than 10% of entries will be achieved, where for:-

Herbaceous Strawberry Gin Liqueur – “Strawberry, basil and mint are in perfect harmony”

Sloe Gin Liqueur – “A smooth drink that goes down easily, and provides a bright burst of sloe, filling the mouth with flavour”

Mawson’s Ginger Cordial – “The cordial is delicious, deeply warming, great balance of almost toffeeish sweetness and the zing of the ginger”


1-star awards, which means judges dubbed them simply delicious for its:-

Damson Gin Liqueur – “the taste was warming, with a well-balanced sweetness, with a rich depth from the damsons”.

Mawson’s Sarsaparilla Cordial – “A nostalgic flavour, earthy, sweet and with a hint of warmth”

Mawson’s Dandelion & Burdock – “Delightfully aromatic and perfectly refreshing, with well-judged sweetness and indeed concentrate.  Great authentic flavours and pleasing balance”.

Orange marmalade with Ginger – “The ginger is giving excellent flavour profile which is well matched with the oranges to give an excellent overall tasting experience”

Damson Extra Jam – We adore the beautiful deep rich shine you have on your Damson jam, A wonderful depth of colour, with distinct aroma of damsons and a rich fruity flavour.”

Sticky Toffee Sauce – “A glossy sauce with a good pouring consistency. Buttery on the nose with caramel notes. Syrupy, with hints of butterscotch”.


The award-winning cordials are the same as what we use to make our sparkling Ready to Drink drinks,  bottled right here in Cumbria on site in our purpose build bottling plant.