Lo-Dough among North West delegation to make a point in Parliament

Lo-Dough, the Rochdale-based manufacturer of a bread and pastry alternative was in London last week to participate in the Sugar Summit, an annual initiative organised by Sugarwise to promote healthier prepared food and drink, and hosted by the Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Diabetes.

Lo-Dough was invited to the event after being awarded Sugar Free and Reduced Carb status by Sugarwise, the international certification authority for sugar claims. Lo-Dough is the first business in the world to be awarded the new Reduced Carb status.

Lo-Dough co-founder Rob Wales said: “Lo-Dough was created to redefine the nutritional composition of bread and pastry, changing the perception of foods such as pizza, quiche and cakes together with their health credentials. We’re honoured that the committee gave us a voice and recognised that companies like Lo-Dough have an important part to play in the debate around healthy eating.”

Topics discussed at the summit, hosted by Keith Vaz, MP, included food and drink labelling and healthier hospital catering. Participants included major food and drink brands, charities and other stakeholders.