Lo-Dough launch their brand at Be:FIT London

A new Manchester food company which makes unique low carb bread alternatives have just launched their brand at Be:FIT London, where they cooked up a storm in the fitness world.

Lo-Dough, already dubbed by fitness professionals as a “breakthrough” in how we do healthy eating, gave out thousands of pizzas to celebrities, journalists and high profile nutritionists who were surprised to learn that their slice of pizza was little under 50 calories.

Lo-Dough has already made its mark on the slimming markets with its unique bread and pastry alternative product, and has now broken through into fitness and nutrition where health conscious foodies are swapping strict diets for the freedom of Lo-Dough with pizzas, kebabs, wraps and desserts.

Be:FIT London is the UK’s largest fitness and wellness festival for women, and attracted some 18,000 people who came to be a part of the action.

The pizzas were so low calorie that the firm launched a #willsquatforpizza campaign, promising that two minutes of  squatting would burn off the pizza – which was a slice of great news to those who came to try.

Nutritionist Emilia Thompson PHD (pictured at the top of this article, with her slice of 50 calorie pizza) said: “As an intuitive dieter, Lo-Dough provides an easy way to ensure delicious food with relatively few calories. Foods that are easy to fit in to a dieters’ lifestyle whilst still enjoying maximum variety and taste are hard to come by.

“With so many potential uses for Lo-Dough, it really does encourage dieting variety.

I’m a Nutritionist, so am keen to find foods with a high fibre content to help satiate people (and therefore reduce hunger) when they’re dieting, so Lo-Dough covers that and it’s far more filling than regular, higher calorie wraps and breads (myself and clients have tried them all).”

Lo-Dough Customer Experience Manager Aaqib was in amongst the crowd soaking up the atmosphere. He said: “What an event. Lo-Dough is still a new company and the team took to the road for Be:FIT not knowing fully what to expect, but wow.

“It was superb to see so many like minded companies with fitness-focused food and drink, Lo-Dough fit right in and the squat for pizza campaign was an absolute smash hit.”

He added: “People still struggle to believe that you can have such indulgent food that is low calorie, low carb, and in line with your fitness goals. We were really proud to bring the magic of Lo-Dough to Be:FIT and spread the world.”