Macclesfield Beer Festival to support Space4Autism

The organisers of the Macclesfield Beer Festival have announced that funds raised at the festival this year will be donated to Macclesfield-based charity Space4Autism.

The charity provides support for families living with autism, and plans to use the funds to create a sensory room at its new Space Centre in Macclesfield.

The Macclesfield Beer Festival, will be held at Macclesfield Rugby Club on the evenings of Friday 11th and Saturday 12th May, as well as during Saturday daytime.

Cheryl Simpson, CEO of Space4Autism, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to be the beneficiaries of proceeds raised at the 2018 Macclesfield Beer Festival.

“Many adults and children on the autistic spectrum have difficulty processing everyday sensory information, often experiencing hypersensitivity to sensory stimuli, which can have a profound effect on their life.

“A sensory room is something we vitally need and will provide a safe place away from the sights and sounds which bombard those with autism on a daily basis.”

Last year the Macclesfield Beer Festival raised £17,000 for the Seashell Trust, a charity for children, young people and adults with sensory impairment, profound learning and communication difficulties.

The trust is now using these funds to create a play area – including a summer house and wheelchair-accessible trampoline area – in the green at the heart of its new housing area.

The annual festival also continues to raise funds for grass-roots rugby, supporting Macclesfield Rugby Club.

Micky Jones, Macclesfield Beer Festival committee member, said: “Each year we look forward to bringing together Macclesfield residents and people from across the region to enjoy some great music, a few pints of beer or cider, or a glass of wine or fizz, to raise a huge amount of money for a much-deserving local charity as well as our ongoing support of grass-roots rugby in Macclesfield”.

Micky added that the festival’s organisers are grateful for the support of all those who’ve sponsored barrels, as well for the support of numerous volunteers and Macclesfield Round Table members.

There are still sponsorship opportunities available – local businesses or individuals who’d like to support the festival should contact Micky Jones via