Manchester dairy launches school glass bottle scheme

Creamline, the Manchester based dairy and ‘Best of Local’ home delivery service has hit another significant milestone in its ambitious ‘Glass is Greener’ campaign, launching a school glass bottle scheme that will see thousands of children across Greater Manchester move back to reusable glass milk bottles.

The Creamline scheme involves working together with local councils to make children’s break time greener, with the dairy leading the way on the glass revolution, encouraging schools to make the switch from plastic third-pint bottles to more environmentally conscious glass bottles – which are collected daily and reused by the dairy.

Across Manchester primary schools, a staggering one million plastic units every week are being used and disposed of due to milk breaks. This latest move is part of Creamline’s ongoing drive to reduce plastic pollution, showing how a small change can bring about a big difference. 

Having launched the scheme only a couple of months ago, dozens of schools are making the switch, with Creamline now delivering glass bottles to schools across Oldham, Salford and Trafford.

One school that has made the switch is Clarendon Road Primary School, the first school in Salford to make the move. Commenting on the decision, Clarendon Road Headteacher Rachel Gallagher said: ‘As a school, we’re working hard to make sure we’re as green as possible and switching to Creamline glass milk bottles is an exciting next step. It’s great to see all our children working together. They love being part of something so important as reducing plastic pollution and we’re proud that Clarendon Road Primary is leading the way for Salford.’

Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, said: “We want to create positive change here in Greater Manchester, making it one of the greenest city-regions in Europe. We will only achieve this if we work together and start to make some serious changes to the way we live our lives and do business.

“As public acceptance of single-use plastics falls, people are looking for alternatives and ways to make switching easier. Amongst several initiatives across our city-region, it is great to see a local business like Creamline helping schools across Greater Manchester to make the switch away from plastic to reusable cups and reusable glass milk bottles.

“Across Greater Manchester, we’re aiming to eradicate single-use plastics and become carbon-neutral by 2038 – a full 12 years ahead of the Government’s target.”

Chris Swallow, Joint Managing Director at Creamline, commented: “As a company, we’ve been delivering traditional glass bottles to doorsteps for over 70 years. It’s something special when you’re able to support local Cheshire farmers, help keep the community spirit alive by backing local producers and help fight plastic pollution – all in one pint of milk!

‘‘As time goes on, we’re discovering more and more about plastic pollution and the impact it is having on our planet. At Creamline, we really want to be part of the solution and help turn things around.

‘‘It’s inspiring to see how dedicated the younger generation are in driving change – they are leading the way. It’s part of the reason why switching school milk from plastic bottles to glass should be such an easy decision and we’re delighted that the response from schools across Greater Manchester has been so strong.”

By switching to glass milk bottles and reusable cups, millions of single-use containers could be avoided from heading to landfill or recycling, helping schools reduce recycling costs as well as boost their green credentials.