Manchester pubs throw out 1.3 million pints of beer a year

A staggering 1.3 million million pints of perfectly good beer are thrown out by Manchester’s pubs every year, according to the latest data from Beer Piper

Hot on the heels of the government’s latest initiative to tackle food waste, in which 300 organisations have pledged to “Step up to the Plate” and halve unnecessary food waste by 2030, Beer Piper is calling on Britain’s landlord’s to stop wasting beer worth over £147 million. 

According to Beer Piper’s 2019 data, the average pub in the UK wastes 20 pints per week by inefficiently cleaning their beer lines, which, using recent figures on the number of pubs in Manchester*, equates to a mind blowing 1.3 million pints per year.

Greater Manchester-based Beer Piper is the UK’s leading beer line cleaning company, and Commercial Manager Jeff Singer, believes that Britain’s pubs need to up their cellar game in order to reduce waste, and save money: 

“The average British pint costs £3.69**, meaning that pubs in our city are costing themselves around £74 per week by throwing out perfectly good beer before it is even served. 

“The main reason for unnecessary beer wastage is the fact that many pubs have to throw out beer already in the line whilst they are being cleaned.

“We are imploring landlords, bar owners and managers to vastly eliminate much of their beer wastage by using our very latest tech for their beer lines.

“Beer Piper offers the very latest in advanced cloud-based technology, which ensures the beer lines are cleaned at regular intervals with environmentally-friendly chemicals. Our most recent BP4 system also logs when and who cleans the lines, and features cloud-based tech and a mobile app, which allows bar managers and owners to access real time data as and when they need to.

“We work with a huge number of bar managers and hospitality owners, and the feedback is always positive when our systems have been implemented. 

“Additionally, we are currently working with a number of successful craft beer brands, including Manchester’s Seven Bro7hers, which is another growth industry for the UK.

“Using Beer Piper systems will ultimately cut costs, cut staff wages, save beer and use less chemicals and water.”

Beer Piper, the UK’s market-leading beer line cleaning company, marked a new chapter in its 30-year history last year with a £250,000 brand investment and a move to bigger premises in Trafford Park, Greater Manchester. 

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** According to the Good Pub Guide’s annual survey