Menu Venu set to address the problem of the demise of the ‘lunch hour’

Chester food-tech start up has launched a solution to the growing problem of workers lunches. The Express Lunch is their innovative answer, helping Britain’s workforce can capitalise on the 34 minutes they now have on average for lunch.

With the slow demise of the ‘lunch hour’, workers are finding less time to grab their lunch let alone eat it – but the Menu Venu Express Lunch, from the new Chester food-tech start up has gone some way to solving that.

The exciting new idea will take the stress out of lunchtime for time-conscious workers who can now book a table and order their meal at the same time. The idea being that it will be ready for serving on arrival.

Express Lunch is aiming to shake up the market and deliver a consumer-targeted service that will bite into the lunchtime industry, which sees the average British worker spend £2,500 per year on lunch and snacks – despite having such little time.

A 2017 survey by Workthere revealed the struggles Britain’s workers are having to find time to eat – with 52 per cent revealing they don’t even have time for lunch!

The Menu Venu Express Lunch will pave the way for a lunchtime revolution following successful trials in the affluent Roman city of Chester, with independent eateries including pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, sandwich bars and takeaways already signed up.

Duncan Stewart, CEO of Menu Venu said: “Express Lunch is a radical new way of shaking up the traditional office lunchtime by using mobile technology to make the impossible possible.

“We’re bringing something new to the table that will benefit consumers and our business stakeholders.

“Workers can book a table and pre-order their food from their desk via Menu Venu. They arrive at their chosen eatery with their food ready the minute they walk through the door. It removes uncertainty, queues, and waiting for your food to be cooked, which all eats away those precious lunchtime minutes.

“The other bonus is that with every order there’s a cashback rewards system – which can get up to 25%. Forget about loyalty cards and points, this is cold hard cash which can be used on the next purchase or saved and used another time. Menu Venu’s motto is order, eat, save.

“We’ve trialled it and it has been a huge hit so now we’re rolling it out to a wider market and bringing more independent eateries on board. This works for everyone as those businesses will benefit in terms of increased orders and the ability to make the most of those core trading hours of 12-2pm.”

Menu Venu, which has recently announced a £10,000 fundraising partnership with the Chester Students Union, is now expanding its range of independent eateries coupled with major expansion plans to widen it across the north west, with Manchester next on the list.