New chapter for award winning Galloway Chillies

A Scottish business is going back to their roots and will soon be supplying local restaurants, farm shops and hotels with the fruits of their labour.

Sheena Horner, who runs Galloway Chillies from her home near Wigtown, is putting down her apron and picking up her trowel to grow speciality chillies, alongside other herbs and spices.

“Our new tag line is Propagate the Unusual. Instead of the preserves and chutneys we were developing and producing, we’re going back to where it all started with growing” said Sheena.

Sheena started growing chillies in 2010 when she couldn’t get enough spice locally to satisfy her own tastes and has been developing the business ever since, with the business growing over 120kg of chillies last season.

The company has already had interest from a number of local businesses who would like micro herbs and micro greens, which are available now. And they are already growing specific varieties of chillies for a few chefs this season.

“The support we’ve had since I started the business has been tremendous. We’ve got stockists as far north as Morayshire and I’m hoping that many of our existing customers will sample the new range.”

The herbs, spices and chillies will be available fresh, dried and frozen and the micro herbs and micro greens will be available all year round once things are fully up and running.