New production facility for the North Wales ice cream business that says no to national supermarkets

Chilly Cow FDMB North West

Chilly Cow, the North Wales ice cream brand based in Ruthin, has been given the go-ahead to build a new production facility. The new building will enable the business to take on two additional members of staff and increase output by 20 per cent.

Founder Anna Taylor said: “2018 was our best year yet. In just four years, we’ve gone from having a little idea to running a rapidly-growing company. We’ve new stockists coming on board all the time and have recently entered into a partnership with Theatr Clwyd in Mold“.

“The increased demand for our range means we need more space to make and store our ice cream. Last year we made 18,000 litres of ice cream and, looking to the future, we’re hoping to increase annual production by 20 per cent. A new production plant will represent a big investment for us, but we are determined to keep making ice cream in Denbighshire, creating local jobs for local people.

“Last year’s long, hot summer was superb for business and we need to maintain that momentum creating more products to meet the increasing number of orders. We’re delighted at the decision to allow the development to go ahead and can now look at moving the project on.”

Anna also explained why they have turned down distribution offers from national supermarket chains.

Speaking to the Daily Post, she said “We’ve had offers from some of the big supermarkets, but we want to continue supporting local businesses.

“I’d far rather people popped into their local store and shopped on the high street.

“Independent businesses are essential to our way of life and that’s why we’re determined to keep making our products in the Vale of Clwyd, in a place where people can drop-in and visit us.”