New snack bar manufacturing facility for Blackpool based Nutrition Group

Nutrition Group FDMB North Wes

Nutrition Group, the ambitious and fast-growing contract manufacturer in the health supplements and sports nutrition sector has made a multimillion-pound investment in a state-of-the-art protein bar and snack manufacturing facility.

Their impressive new facility in Blackpool has the capacity to make more than 100 million bars and bites a year and marks the company’s move into the dynamic fast-growing healthy snack market.

The family-owned business, which celebrates its 25th anniversary later this year, says its ambitious expansion plan is set to create a number of jobs in roles ranging from technical, management, production, and warehousing.

The new facility is set to go live and the manufacturer already has an impressive number of contracts with high street retailers and leading global brands to produce a range of innovative protein-based bars and snacks.

Chief Executive Richard Greathead (pictured above) said: “This is a significant investment in the future of our business and we’re very excited by the extensive opportunities it opens up for us as we mark a quarter of a century of success in our sector.

“The market has seen an explosion in nutrition bars and snacks across the wellness and sports nutrition sectors. On-the-go snacking is a growing phenomenon as consumers seek out convenient product formats to satisfy their health demands.

“They want higher quality and innovative ideas. Protein bars are becoming the choice of snack now over confectionery, as consumers seek out healthier alternatives to traditional high sugar and high fat confectionery options.”

He added: “We aim to offer our clients true market-leading innovation, coupled with outstanding quality that our business has built its foundations on.

“We have developed a streamlined approach to developing new products which means our customers can bring new ideas to the market quickly and easily.”

Richard said: “Early on in our planning we identified that the key to success within this space was to offer true quality and innovation.

“A bespoke line has been commissioned in partnership with a global leader in manufacturing equipment.”

Nutrition Group has also recruited a leading figure in the industry, Gareth Lane, to head up the new project.

Richard said: “We recognised that while making such a major investment, we needed to echo that investment with our people.

“We simply went out and got the best team for the job, headed up by Gareth, who comes with a rare pedigree that is hard to find.”

Nutrition Group is already well known as a global supplier to the health and nutrition market.

From its high-tech factory near the M55 in Blackpool, the business and its 120-strong workforce service the best known brands in the industry.

It specialises in product formulation, tablet and capsule manufacturing, along with liquid filling. The Nutrition Group operation currently produces two billion tablets and 500 million capsules a year.