North West artisan bakery’s virtual baking club achieves over 1,000 members

Two of the UK’s leading artisan bakers, Aidan Monks and Catherine Connor, the duo behind the multi-award-winning team at Lovingly Artisan Bakery, based in Manchester and Cumbria launched an online baking club in late April to share bread related hints and tips to help householders in lockdown craft the perfect loaf at home.

In just a little over six weeks over 1,000 people from across the UK and further afield have joined the ranks of the Lovingly Artisan Baking Club.

Each week members of the Baking Club get ahead of the baking game with all sorts of practical help and advice from Aidan and Catherine as they give them the knowledge, they need to be able to make the perfect sourdough loaf.

This isn’t a one way experience as Baking Club members can post questions in between sessions so that they get their mitts on Aidan and Catherine’s top tips on how to perfect their starter, how to use it, tips on kneading, proving and shaping, scoring, and finishing their loaves.

The Baking Club is all about baking bread and sharing knowledge, as well as providing members with a welcome pat on the back when things go right and more than a little bit of encouragement to keep on perfecting their dough as everyone gets involved in some serious bread related fun.

So, if you are struggling with your starter, batty about baps but haven’t got a clue where to start head over to Facebook and join The Lovingly Artisan Baking Club