Nowt Poncy link up with the Typhoons

The Nowt Poncy Food Company have recently announced that they are the front of shirt sponsors for the Typhoons RUFC, Lancashires first inclusive rugby team. The new initiative is for the 2019/2020 season. 

In their second season, the Typhoons RUFC was created to give a safe place for anyone wishing to play rugby irrespective of gender, sexuality, age, skill level or ability and it has rapidly grown to having a successful union and touch rugby team where everyone is welcome to play.

Nowt Poncy co-founder Julian Abel explains, Coming from Cardiff, rugby has always played an important part in my life, whether playing or watching. But unfortunately, due to arthritis of the knees caused by playing the game when I was younger, I had to hang my boots up years ago. Having heard about the Typhoons through Terry Baker, one of our amazing retailers, we went along to a few games and realised what an amazing bunch of people the team are. There are gay players, trans, straight, men, women, those with additional needs and they are of all ages and abilities but most importantly they LOVE the game of rugby. Many have, and still face, personal issues off the field but they know that the club is a safe place and they are there for one purpose – to be a member of a team.

He continued “We’re incredibly humbled to be part of this amazing group of people and it’s an absolute honour for us when they proudly wear our brand on their shirts”.

Karen Walker, Nowt Poncy’s other Co-founder, and known to the team as Mrs Nowt Poncy, continued,When we first saw the Typhoons play we knew there was something special about them and the support they offered each other, irrespective of whether they have played for years or are new recruits, is so inspiring. We have been accepted as members of the Typhoons family and have made some wonderful friends. An added bonus for me is that Jools normally loses his voice for a few days after a game – I get to spend time surrounded by fab people and then get a few days peace and quiet. When we first saw the shirts both of us were in tears – they are exceptional and possibly one of the best kits we have ever seen”.

Based at Preston Grasshoppers ground, new members of any gender, sexuality and skill level are welcome to join in training sessions at the ground, normally on Thursday evenings or for Touch Rugby training, including women, on Fridays.

All enquiries please contact: Kris Barber-Midgley, Committee Member responsible for Sponsorship and Club Development,, 07947594537