PROFILE: Icertech – The experts in quality chilled packaging

Icertech was established in 2005, offering cost effective chilled packaging solutions to food retailers and manufacturers. The solutions are designed for customers to get their perishable items from A to B, within a 24-72 hour time frame. Our product range includes smart and sturdy insulated boxes and our food safe chill gel packs. These components have been designed to be used together for optimum reliability and performance, offering you cost effective, high quality solutions to meet all of your temperature controlled packaging needs. 

Ultimately the primary purpose of our packaging is ensuring that temperature sensitive products arrive at their destination in perfect condition, chilled, and well protected. But we believe that packaging is capable of more than that!  

Packaging can act as an excellent tool for businesses to communicate and strengthen their brand. We can supply bespoke versions of many of our bestselling packaging products, so you can create a unique and branded solution that not only does the job, but works as an invaluable marketing tool. 

For a custom printed box, there is a minimum commitment of 300 boxes. You can find examples of previous work, as well as viewing the ordering process on our website. 

As we have experienced following our own rebrand in 2016, putting effort and thought into your packaging will help your customers feel good about their decision to buy from you, encourage them to recommend your company to others and position your business as professional and one who pays attention to detail. 

We’d love to work with you to develop your own bespoke packaging, and we are happy to answer any questions you might have.  

Please get in touch on 01978 661247, or contact

Icertech are the Chilled Packaging Partner for FDMB North West and North Wales