PROFILE: Moonjuice Creative

By Simon Jackson, Director, Moonjuice Creative

A wise person who Google tells me was Lao Tzu, once said A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. That first step maybe the biggest and hardest step the aspiring entrepreneur will ever take.

A start-up business will have to take many first stepson their journey and each one will present new challenges, problems to conquer and often enormous leaps of faith. Weve shared this journey with many clients both large and small and know exactly how it feels to be out of your comfort zone seeking help and some practical knowledge.

Luckily there are many groups, hubs and resources where like-minded people are offering help and advice to the wary brand trailblazer. FDMB is once such collection of companies and individuals, which is why Moonjuice were proud to be a appointed as their creative strategic partner.

Weve found our extensive experience across different market sectors has helped many independent food producers see their dream become a reality and it is truly an inspiring and emotional process to be a part of. Our personal approach means you deal direct with the designers to receive an outstanding service and build a long-lasting relationship.

We endeavour to immerse ourselves in your brand, striving to know you and your market. We understand your needs and establish a communication hierarchy that ensures all key messages are presented in a clear, concise order. As your journey continues we ensure consistency of brand and message across all platforms:

  • Packaging design and print management
  • Websites and social media content
  • Promotional literature
  • New product development
  • Exhibitions
  • Point of sale

Complete transparency and clear communication at every stage of the creative process is critical and gives reassurance that every penny of an investment will be well spent. Thats why we created a stand-alone website aimed specifically aimed at start-ups and step-ups, where they can see a breakdown of each stage of our process along with the associated costs. The site includes how to get started, case studies and an online briefing document that allows us get to know you and your project.

Above all we feel that building your brand from the ground up with Moonjuice should be both enjoyable and rewarding and were proud to share your journey – even if it lasts a thousand miles.

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