Re brand for Northern Dough Co

The Northern Dough Co and four of its product ranges have taken on a new look with the help of Preston-based Wash Studio.

The Northern Dough Co, whose co-founder Amy Cheadle (pictured below) spoke at FDMB Live in March, manufactures a range of pizza doughs available from Sainsburys, Waitrose, Ocado, Booths and Whole Foods Markets. They also have sub-brands The Original One, The Wholesome One, The Herby One and the Fiery One.

The brand re-positioning project included new social media, packaging and a website which features a How To Guide for the “ultimate homemade pizza” and a recipes section including vegan, vegetarian, kids and “showstoppers”.

Wash Managing Director Lynsey Thompson said of the project: “The Northern Dough Co is a fantastic brand from fellow Prestonians with a great outlook. It has got a fantastic back story of a successful company coming from humble beginnings, through a passion for providing a great product, and we really enjoyed bringing that to life through branding, photography, design and video.”