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Ever tasted a range of Chinese wines? 

Did you know that Cider IS Wine? 

Do you need to liven up your Christmas wine list with traditional bottles or with new and innovative products

Are you an expert or just learning about wine?

If you work in hospitality or drinks retail you are invited to visit September’s exciting Specialist Importers Trade Tasting.

SITT has been coming to Manchester for the last 15 years. It is the premium tasting for the North West wine and drinks trade, and for SITT Autumn on Wednesday 11th September it’s moving to a new location, ETC Venues, just down from Piccadilly Station.

You can register to visit here; it’s free if you work in hospitality or retail:

This edition is one of the most innovative and inspiring SITT Tastings we’ve seen for a long time. The wine/drinks business is not sitting still – it’s all very exciting, and you can see why if you pay SITT a visit.

SITT has always been about collaboration, ensuring the right businesses meet each other in the best possible tasting environment and at the most appropriate buying moments of the year, but at this edition, you will find some particularly collaborative exhibitors, working together to make business as easy as possible for YOU whether you are a sommelier, an on-trade or retail buyer or if you’re just getting started in the drinks business.

Here are a few examples you’ll find in the tasting room:

SPOT: the ingenious gathering together of SITT specialist exhibitors, Hispa Merchants, Go Brazil Wines, The 3 Amigos and Esprit de Champagne. You can buy from any or all of them with one point of sale, one delivery and one invoice.

Cider is Wine: Another clever grouping of independent producers from South Africa, Sweden, England, Wales and Ireland, all the ciders made from full flavoured 100% apple juice and not from concentrate.

Vindependents: Many people know this as a buying group for independent retailers, but it is also very much an importer and distributor of wines to retailers and on-trade clients. With a highly skilled and business orientated selection panel, every wine has to really prove itself to earn a place on the list.

Planete Bordeaux asked every SITT exhibitor with Bordeaux wines in its portfolio if they’d like to include their wines on the Planete Bordeaux table, so enjoy a surfeit of outstanding wines perfect for your Christmas Wish List

By the Glass: talking about your Christmas Wish List – you’ll find By the Glass tasting machines in the free-pour area. Here you’ll discover wines chosen especially with the festive season in mind.

Of course, there are many other very exciting, innovative, inspirational exhibitors for you to meet, each with their own speciality and each with a huge knowledge base about their wines, their speciality areas and about doing business with the independent on and off trade. So if it’s the lure of Chinese wines that bring you to SITT, or the chance to try amazing Portuguese wines from local importer Raymond Reynolds or if you just want to discover new wines from all the corners of the globe, you’ll find them all here. Check out for all the details.

What to expect on the day: 

ThemeThe theme for this Autumn’s tasting is ‘Your Christmas Wish List’, so the 40 specialist exhibitors are focussing on wines and drinks that will make your wine list that extra bit special. Bottles will be highlighted in the catalogue as well as on the ‘free-pour’ tables

Book in to one of the masterclasses, or take a tour of the tasting with Piotr Pietras. Piotr is a Master Sommelier who is the on-trade ambassador for SITT. He will show visitors some of his favourite wines and drinks in a casual ‘walk-round’ tasting at 11:00 am, 2:30 pm and 4:00 pm.

Taste rare Old Vine Wines at 12 noon and Discover the mysteries of South Africa’s old vines with André Morgenthal from the Old Vine project: Register on the day when you get to the tasting.

Discover how gnarly old vines (+35 years old), that have survived the savages of time and harsh conditions, are enhancing the South African wine scene by producing wines of quality and authenticity. The Certified Heritage Seal is a first of its kind and is shaping a new wine category with substantial structure and complexity. André Morgenthal, Project manager at the Old Vine Project, will explain how the collective movement is uniting and advancing the South African wine scene, its people and the environment. A selection of rare Old Vine wines will be tasted.

At 15.00 you can join Julian Langworthy from Margaret River’s Deep Woods winery who is offering you some of his rare older vintages to taste:

Margaret River accounts for only 3% of Australia’s total wine production (20% of Australia’s premium wine production), however, the region accounts for over 30% of all trophies and medals. Margaret River is acclaimed for its Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon and this vertical tasting will show you why that is. 

Julian Langworthy, James Halliday’s 2019 Australian Winemaker of the Year, believes strongly that a winery’s heart is in its vineyard. His goal as Chief Winemaker is to continually refine and explore the Deep Woods wine style in a nuanced, modern manner, pushing boundaries along the way, whilst respecting the excellent fruit resource.

There’s lots, lots more to enjoy on the day. We think this is the most exciting tasting to hit Manchester for a long while. If you visit, tell us what you thought about it. We’d love to know.

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