Reusable container scheme launched by Booths

Booths are finding ways to reduce the amount of single-use plastic being used within its business.

The family-owned grocery chain has recently launched an initiative which  encourages customers to bring their own reusable containers when purchasing fresh meat and fish from its in-store counters.

Booths Brand and Innovations Manager, Matt Bruno said: “We’re constantly striving to become a more environmentally friendly retailer.

“Enabling our customers to bring their own clean, lidded containers to purchase fresh meat and fish from our counters is a natural progression towards becoming more sustainable.’’

Booths says it will continue to be proactive in phasing out single-use plastic, with initiatives so far including completely eliminated plastic cutlery from its takeaway counter products and inside their Booths branded, pre-packaged food-to-go products. 

Booths claim that this move will prevent half a million pieces of plastic cutlery being used within their business each year.

In other news, Booths have extended their relationship with Rafi’s Spicebox. Earlier this year the first Rafi’s concession opened within their Burscough store and it has proved to be a great success. This has now been extended to their Knutsford store.