Roberts bakery launch UK first recyclable home bread packaging

Cheshire-based Roberts bakery has just launched the UK’s first and only bread packaging that goes straight into the home recycling bin and it’s on sale across nationally in all major supermarkets now.

Roberts’ new Bloomer packaging was developed to overcome confusion of how and what to recycle, whilst reducing the 10,736 tonnes* of hard-to-recycle plastic packaging produced by UK bakeries every year. This is the equivalent weight of the Eiffel Tower, 60 blue whales or 1,952 killer whales. And despite plastic bread bags being classed as recyclable at larger stores, the majority ends up in landfill.

Roberts’ 100% recyclable at home bag, on the other hand, simply goes into the paper recycling bin – or mixed recycling bin if it’s the only one available – and it’s then collected from home by virtually all recycling authorities across the UK.

The modern artisan three-strong Bloomer range includes Heroic Wholemeal, Wondrous White and Seriously Seeded.

Roberts’ Managing Director Stuart Spencer-Calnan said: “It’s incredible that there is so much confusion of what to recycle and how to do it. With our new packaging, we have made a small yet significant step towards overcoming this, and we are calling for other bread manufacturers to do the same. Only by making it easy will we change consumer behaviour for the better and increase rates of recycling that we so desperately need.”

Spencer-Calnan added that the latest bag is not yet the perfect solution, but that will come following phase two investment in early 2019 as more lines are added. “It’s a bread bag for an ‘eco-worrier,’ he said. “Ordinary people looking for everyday recycling support.”