Robinsons release Star Wars themed Hoppy Wan Kenobi beer

Robinsons Brewery have unveiled ‘Hoppy Wan Kenobi’,  a new seasonal beer, inspired by the world-famous movie Star Wars.

Available for just two months throughout June and July, this noble brew is crisp, tart and packing a punch. The pump clip has been carefully designed to capture the legendary Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, proudly presenting his iconic blue plasma blade lightsaber. ‘Search your feelings’ and you’ll find the hop is strong with this one. Loaded with cascade and sovereign hops, and interlaced with light citrus aromas, this 4% ABV limited-edition golden ale is dangerously drinkable.

Hoppy Wan Kenobi is part of Robinsons’ series of seasonal movie-themed ales that have been specially brewed for 2018.

Gill Yates, Brands Manager for Robinsons Brewery, explains: “For our latest seasonal beer, Hoppy Wan Kenobi, we decided to continue to play on our popular TV and film series theme, as from our customer’s response we’re aware of how well it works. In 2017, we sold 770,688 pints of our seasonal beers altogether. This was a great result and we’re pleased to be able to provide drinkers with fun, relatable ales which look fantastic alongside our other beers on the bar. We hope that everybody gets a chance to taste this golden delight.”