Sales on the up at Listo Burrito

After its relaunch and subsequent name change in early January, Listo Burrito, formerly known as “Changos Burrito” is back in business – reporting bumper sales as Mancunians clamour for the humble Mexican wrap. January sales were up an impressive five percent year-on-year with over 15,000 burritos sold during the month.

The popular Mexican burrito brand, with restaurants on Oxford Street and at Manchester University Students Union, is a firm favourite among office workers and students and has been for the last seven years. While other similar dining outlets in the city centre struggle, Listo Burrito has succeeded in winning a loyal fan base and maintaining its popularity in a crowded, casual dining marketplace.

Roger Taylor, founder of The Listo Group, says: “Our burritos are booming – the relaunch was a huge success and we had queues lining the streets on opening week (9th January). Despite it being a short month for us due to the refurb and relaunch, we were thrilled to see that our sales were actually higher than the same time last year.

“We know people love what we do and keep coming back for more, so we’ll continue to work hard at what we’re doing. It’s an important message that people know; we’ve only changed our name due to trademark reasons. Nothing else about our operation has changed other than a slight “face lift”. I’m still operating with my fantastic team and local suppliers.

“We put a significant part of our success on being a small independent chain. We care about our customers, value our staff and we promise a fresh product at a fair price. We give back to our surrounding communities and have partnered with local homelessness charity, The Booth Centre, to donate a percentage of our January sales to them.

“Our business model is simple. We’ve learnt that it’s key to heavily research each opportunity, control the set up costs of each site and invest in building the brand, whilst support our existing sites before we explore new outlets.

“Both of our Manchester sites are in price sensitive areas where our customers, both office workers and students, want a bang for their buck burrito.

“We’re very competitively priced, and offer a personalised, flavour-packed and filling menu. You can eat in our restaurants for just over £5, with daily meal deals on offer also, which have attracted a loyal fan base of customers thanks to the quality of the ingredients, the value for money and overall efficiency from the teams in the restaurants.

“The cost of food and the minimum wage are at an all time high. Gaining customer loyalty is now more important and tougher than ever, with so much competition about. We focus hard on our consistency and efficiency in order for customers to choose us on their precious lunch hour. It goes without saying, a speedy and friendly service line, ensuring each product delivers and exceeds taste expectations, is equally important.

“We know there are casual dining operators that are struggling and competition is fierce so it’s important to get the product and price point spot on. We’re not greedy with our margins, therefore, the restaurants remain busy throughout the day, where the food is constantly being turned over, ensuring we serve a fresh product. As part of our re-launch, we’ve focused on engaging with our existing and new audiences through social media, and that’s been a huge success and something we want to continue in 2020.’’

That’s a wr-app

“Last year, we launched our app which has helped us engage with our customers by offering loyalty points, free items and access to discounts and deals. We’re currently approaching 10,000 downloads of our app, which we’re really pleased with.

“Technology is really changing how people order, decide, and dine, and it is enhancing eating experiences, so we need to ensure we are communicating with our customers and reaching them where they are so we are front of mind when they are considering dining options.

Not just for January

While vegan food is certainly boosted during Veganuary, people are choosing to eat plant-based and meat-free foods all year round. We have always had vegetarian and vegan options available. Although our meat options far outsell are vegetarian offering, we have to monitor what might attract new diners.

Established in 2013, Listo Burrito also has a site in Liverpool and is exploring opportunities for new sites around the North West, within student unions and the delivery market.