StedyChefs Learning Centre win at Liverpool Echo Regional Business Awards

On Thursday June 20th, StedyChefs Learning Centre attended Liverpool Echo Regional Business Awards hoping for the best. Along with a few students, they enjoyed an amazing meal which was served beautifully as they enjoyed their night. 

To their surprise, their name was called up for the Corporate Social Responsibility Award. They were extremely proud and grateful that their students finally achieved recognition for the hard work that they have done.

A proud Stephen Bygrave, Director at StedyChefs Learning Centre said: “Being nominated as a Finalist for the Regional Business Awards is amazing, but our name being called up as a winner was phenomenal. Not only for our business, it is a gratitude towards our staff, parents, carers and supporters who have followed us since the beginning. Most importantly, this award is a huge recognition for our students and all the hard work that they have put in over the past two years at StedyChefs Learning Centre. We couldn’t be prouder.”