Taste Cheshire just keeps getting bigger!

First half figures for FDMB North West County Partner Taste Cheshire have shown another dramatic growth in their website figures, with users up 62% and page views up a staggering 71% on the previous six months.

Taste Cheshire CEO Stephen Wundke was delighted with the performance of the business. He said “We now represent over 200 independent, individual, Restaurants, pubs, food producers, cafes and farm shops across Cheshire and the North Wales border and we are seeing more and more people want to know just how to get a unique Cheshire experience.

“When I started the business some 6 years ago the intention was to combine the Restaurant Association of Cheshire and Made in Cheshire under one umbrella. An umbrella that would provide a route to market and a marketing platform that would help the independent business person.

“A person who was so busy running their own business with all the associated demands, that maybe they needed a little help on the marketing side and to enjoy some of the economies of scale that larger businesses achieve. I am delighted that we are now delivering that for our members with our analytics showing that members are achieving an average of greater than 10-1 return on their annual membership fee, with a number, who work with us achieving more than 25-1 ROI, something of which we are very proud”.

Wundke continued “Every week we are talking to over 50,000 people through social media, 17,500 with our members email and many more through the many events we stage. Those people are interacting with us 3 and 4 times a week, doing business with our members and in most cases this is a bigger audience than local radio stations and satellite channels, with the one big difference; every person we talk to is a foodie and therefore a potential customer for our members.”

Taste Cheshire also runs the largest public voted for Food and Drink Awards in the UK with over 40,000 people voting in the 2018 awards.

They are also responsible for the Chester Food and Drink Festival staged every Easter at the Chester Racecourse, with 25-30,000 visiting.

They also organise the Taste Cheshire Farmers Market every 3rd Saturday on Town Hall Square Chester and the regular quarterly Food Fiestas at the Grosvenor Shopping Centre. It is a year long diary of events that continues to grow as demand for local produce just gets greater every year.