Timut and Turmeric to top the tables in 2019

Stockport-based EHL Ingredients predicts that Timut pepper and turmeric are going to be the spices on everyone’s lips during 2019, with vegan junk food, ‘pegan’ diets and popped grains set to be the food trends to look out for.

Tasneem Backhouse, joint Managing Director at EHL Ingredients, shares the following predictions on food ingredient trends for the year ahead.

Spice up your life

Timut pepper is expected to be THE ingredient in 2019 – it’s a zesty spice from Nepal with a grapefruit-like flavour and is a great addition to condiments, chutneys, sauces and in Indian and Asian cuisine. It’s a hot, spicy pepper with citrus notes and can be used in traditional dumplings, noodle soups and broths and marinades, and we have also seen it used in alcoholic drinks such as flavoured gins and cocktails.

Turmeric is set to continue its rise in popularity – it is loaded with nutrients, vitamins and minerals and is used widely in Indian and Chinese medicine and cookery. It can be used in tea and smoothies, in Asian breads and curries, as a meat, fish or vegetable marinade and within soups.

Vegans want junk food too

Free-from junk food is another area we expect to see a surge in popularity. Vegan junk food in particular, such as pizzas, burgers, kebabs, grilled cheese and fried foods, is becoming increasingly mainstream and widely available in fast food outlets, on pop up stalls and markets, as well as at food and music festivals. This reveals a different side to veganism and vegetarianism, and our herbs, spices and blends can help create new ‘junk food’ style products and open up new opportunities.

Pegan – the new diet for 2019

Pegan eating – a vegan-inspired version of the paleo diet – is the latest consumer food craze expected to hit the mainstream in the next 12 months. It involves eating lots of fresh ‘clean’ whole plant foods, fruit and vegetables, and cooking from scratch.  It includes coconut and olive oils, nuts and seeds – all rich in nutrients – and herbs and spices feature heavily to add flavour and colour to meals.

Popping in 

South American grains in popped and cereal format – we’ve had an increase in demand for popped quinoa and popped ancient grains, cereals and flakes. These can be used on their own and sold as breakfast cereals, and can be incorporated into cereal and nutrition bars, healthy snacks, and protein balls. Expect to see popped sorghum, aramanth, farro and spelt as alternatives to sweet and savoury popcorn, snacks and bakery items.

Tasneem says: “2019 looks set to bring more exciting food trends as consumer tastes and preferences develop. Timut pepper and turmeric will be the spices in everyone’s cupboards and in meals formulations, thanks to their distinctive flavours, nutritional benefits and wellness credentials.

“Big brands are recognising the importance of the free-from market, as well as small start up businesses, which are launching new products to appeal to those who eat free-from foods, either for health reasons or to fit into their lifestyle choices. Vegan junk foods, as well as pegan-style foods, will dominate home cooking and eating out. Younger consumers especially follow the latest food trends and health buzzwords so it’s important to keep up to date with emerging food shopping and dining preferences. The millennial generation and younger are the future spenders so it makes sense for food manufacturers, retailers and brands to plug into these trends and create food products they love and brands they will remain loyal to year-round.”

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