Triple success for Lakeland Artisan as damson products shortlisted for three national awards

Lakeland Artisan has had three damson products shortlisted for The Great British Food Awards 2019 which includes Damson Extra Jam, Damson Syrup and Damson Gin Liqueur. 

Lakeland Artisan has produced Damson Extra Jam for several years and they were inspired to produce their real fruit syrups when the Directors of the business introduced the damson syrup into glasses of fizz on their wedding day to welcome their guests.  The guests loved it so much that they asked them to add it to his product range so that they were able to buy them and enjoy them at home.

The company say their real fruit Damson syrups are extremely versatile and can create a fantastic range of food and drink, be used at breakfast time, drizzling the thick, luxuriously fruity syrup over pancakes, waffles, porridge or made into smoothies or milkshakes. Equally wonderful served in prosecco and champagne, a great natural flavoursome ingredient to make a wide variety of cocktails using gin, vodka and rums etc or simply mixed with still or sparkling water or lemonade to make refreshing, tasty, tangy, fruit cordial drinks.

The Lakeland Damson Gin Liqueur uses the Damson Syrup which is blended with quality London Gin, and with the growing gin market has proved to be just as popular as their other damson products.

Such has been the success and growth of the business, Lakeland Artisan now has a dedicated shop on Crescent Road, in the heart of Windermere, which opened its doors in February 2019.  The shop showcases Lakeland Artisan’s range of handcrafted products alongside other stunning local handmade produce.